Fake moneylender used my personal details to apply for loan from another moneylender

Anonymous | 10 Nov 2022

Loan Scam
4th Nov I saw the adv. online about low interest rate moneylender. I went on to click on the link and they asked me for my personal information such as NRIC, CPF contributions, bank statements, and even photo of me. 

Then they sent me a contract to sign. After that, he asekd me to transfer total $5000 for the admin and 'MAS' fees. Then, only could they disburse the funds to me. I transferred the funds over but I was told that I did the process wrongly.   

I have sent couple of times and found it fishy so thought to cancel the contract to cancel the whole thing. After getting the acc number and ref i transfer to them then he said i put it wrong cannot put that ref no should put my acc no if not the system cannot capture. I am very angry then i cut their phone off and report to police.

The next thing that happened was that they used my identity to take the loan from unlicensed money lender. I quickly file the report to bank and close the account.

The investigations and episode still ongoing