Job offer turned out to be a scam

Anonymous | 10 Nov 2022

Job Scam
I lost $4K TO A JOB scam. a girl named "Hannah" approached me on telegram saying to rate/review hotels.

IT'S a very simple interface and the website links to airbnb. so just complete 32 ratings and they will send the commission to you. they also did create a group to make it more CREDIBLE where EVERY DAY they will send how much they earn in the group. i tried to pm one of the MEMBERS in the group but no reply up till now.

The very first time when i completed 32 ratings, they sent $11 to me. The next day they will ask to deposit $110 to match the data in the system or so. (cant rmb what she said)
she assured after 32 ratings ill be able to redeem back my deposit and COMMISSION. however, when completing the 32 ratings, i got a negative amount in my balance and I had to deposit more so i can get back my $110.

It started from a few HUNDRED, then to a few thousand. After reading the news then i realize its all a scam.

Apparently, i called the number they provided to paynow, AND all of the 'merchants' phone numbers are invalid.