I lost over $20,000 to Loan scam

Anonymous | 10 Sep 2020

Loan Scam
at first, i was initially to borrow a $8k loan from moneylender. they approached me with an affordable repayment plan. after SUBMITTED all the document, being told that loan approved. however, there will be a trial loan need to be done before the loan released. they (moneylender) will first deposit a few hundred into your bank account, and you need to follow the instruction to return it to the designed back account.

i've followed the instruction, and being told i was done the wrong step. sooner immediately i need to get another amount to replace it in order to get the loan. they will keep saying: after your transaction done, all the amount included loan amount will be TRANSFERRED into your account.

however, after done all the transaction, there still have any other reason to request you to make payment. until today, even when i requested to cancelled the loan contract (since no receive any amount), they still requested me to pay another $1k+ for contract cancellation in order to get back my refund.

this is the company link they sent over to me: CREDITKIN?PTELTD.COM

I've total lost around $20k