Beware of online friends as not all are genuine

Anonymous | 11 Aug 2023

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I matched with an individual on Tinder who went by the name "Gwynne." She claimed to be from JB, residing in Tai Seng, and working as an accountant near there. After a few days of chatting, we switched to WhatsApp. Gwynne shared that she was working alone in Singapore while her family remained in Malaysia. She revealed leaving an abusive relationship and supporting her younger siblings.

To make ends meet, she mentioned working long hours in online sales for Courts. One day, feeling unwell due to menstrual cramps, she asked me to assist in completing Courts sales orders to meet her quota faster. She provided a number for an alleged Courts customer service support WhatsApp group and urged me to register, citing her as a referrer. Though I requested more details, she evaded explanation, promising to provide more information once I joined the group.

Raising my suspicions, I researched online and found a similar scam alert. When I confronted her, she accused me of not wanting to help and insulting her. I decided to end our interaction. Notably, her Tinder account had disappeared.

This incident underscores the need for caution when encountering individuals on dating apps. Due to my vigilance, I avoided financial loss and over-sharing of personal information. While my time and confidence in finding a partner were affected, I remained cautious and unharmed.

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