Interested buyer on Carousell turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 11 Jul 2022

Online Purchase Scam

I was contacted over Carousell message by someone asking to buy a pair of yeezy sneakers via email instead of Carousell. When i sent this person an email, he claimed that he wanted the shoe delivered to Malaysia and that he would pay via PayPal or bank transfer. After providing him a quote for postage and payment methods i accepted, he said that his PayPal was dormant and that he would do a bank transfer instead. A day later he sent me an email saying the bank transfer was complete and to check my email for the confirmation, however he also said his bank needed proof of postage to release the funds. I checked the confirmation email he said Citibank sent - not only did the email look fishy (font was in purple, no Citibank branding, very strangely worded) the email address was also not from Citibank ( hence i immediately suspected it was fake. Also thought it was strange why i had to prove the item was shipped before funds were released. I googled the email address and found similar stories here about the same scammer using the same name (anthony) which confirmed to me that this was fraudulent. I wrote back to the scammer telling him that I was suspicious and not willing to take the risk and all I got in response was “k” over email.

Have also reported his account to Carousell. Stay safe and deal via Carousell only!