Don't be scammed by fake job offers

Anonymous | 12 Aug 2023

Job Scam
I was initially contacted on WhatsApp by someone named Li Liazhi. At first, they only greeted me, so I ignored the message. The following day, they claimed to be from the HR department at Singapore Travel Hub, offering a merchandiser position. This job sounded similar to one I had applied for online.

Li Liazhi then introduced me to another person named Erica via Telegram. The role involved forwarding hotel booking orders to an Agoda employee named Aminahuddin, supposedly to boost bookings for hotels with vacancies. The task was to post a booking every 30 minutes. Once completed, a booking code needed to be shared with Erica. The pay was SGD 1,500 per month along with a 2% commission on each order.

Initially, I had some questions and their answers seemed satisfactory. I believed that there might indeed be a business model where hotels aimed to enhance their ratings by creating a perception of high demand. However, as time went on, doubts arose.

My first day yielded a transfer of $70 to my bank account. On the second day, I was given prepaid orders. Among them, I had to select one, transfer the requested amount to a Paulynow number, and then almost immediately receive a refund, including the commission. I decided not to proceed with the second task that required prepayment.

Subsequently, I was informed that I couldn't participate in other tasks until I completed the prepayment task. Feeling suspicious, I chose to discontinue my involvement. Interestingly, when I expressed my decision and voiced my concerns about a potential scam, Aminahuddin's tone abruptly turned harsh.

I searched online and came across a post on a hardware forum where someone had a similar experience. They ended up losing $6000 after being coerced into paying for flight bookings. Although I didn't find identical stories, I wanted to share my encounter to raise awareness.