I lost $900 to a Loan scam

Anonymous | 12 Jan 2023

Loan Scam
On 3rd of January, I saw this loan advertisement on social media, in the first place I thought was licensed money lender so I click on the link to submit my name and my phone number , I was contacted by This Malaysian guy name Benson he told me I was required TO submit my 12 weeks earning report, my nric and my next of kin contact NUMBER and how much loan I going to apply SO I told him I apply for $500. After that the funds was approved and transfer to my bank account. After then he told Me that he is from unlicensed MONEYLENDER. He told me about Payment $500 but return $700 if you can't pay on time that is a fee of $200 for deferment.

On the 10 January, I am able to clear all the amount $700 and then I received a WhatsApp number claiming to be this Benson, so I just transferred the funds because I thought was him and screenshot the receipt to him. Then, he told me that I input the reference numer wrongly, and so I asked what to do next. Then, he said never mind. After I sent the screenshot to the real guy Benson he directly call me say he never received the payment.

So I asked this time how. He requested me to make a payment of $200 for deferment.  So I just made the payment because I didn't want any trouble.
After consulting my friend about this, they shared that I fell prey to a loan scam, and so I suspended all my bank accounts and would file a police report.