Online friend refused to do video-call

Anonymous | 12 Nov 2020

Internet Love Scam
Matched with Fang William, 37 years old 170cm thru Paktor app in Sep 2020. His LINE ID as fang_william. Claimed to be staying in Dallas Texas USA, born of Korean and Taiwanese mixed parentage. Parents had passed on and with NO siblings. Had a 4 year old son named Billy. Wife passed on during childbirth.

Switched to chat on LINE app on the same day we chatted on Paktor. Voice call on that same day via LINE to chat. Speaks English and no trace of Chinese nor Korean accent at all in his speech, more like a Caucasian accent. His occupation is a Construction Engineer in the Telecommunications industry.

Started addressing me "Sugar", "Honey", "Baby", "Dear" Very reluctant to do video call (red flag).

Texted every day without fail almost at the same timing, every morning and night. One month into the chat, said we were together for a month now. Days later, said he was bidding for a contract and will need to fly out to Germany for 3 weeks to complete the project. Got the project in just 2 days, competing with 3 other individuals and got it due to his past good works with the client. At this juncture, I had discovered that he’s using fake profile pics and the pics he sent were all extracted from IG. The real person behind those pics is a successful good looking Korean man residing in Korea.

Flew to Germany on 04 Nov 2020. Followed the timing in Germany to send his texts promptly. Stayed in a hotel in Germany and no lockdown in Germany. There’s no truth in his words.

1 week in Germany was I was asked to transfer monies of EURO 1500 to him as his card was blocked and insufficient cash on hand to buy a material in Germany. No monies was lost at my end.

Ladies, be extra cautious when you come across scammers through dating apps. Do a Google image reverse search and pay attention to the details on their given pics to pick up clues to search for more information on the web regarding that person.

Bank Details to transfer the monies:
Name: theophilus Marfo
Bank name: Sparkasse bank
Destination of bank transfer: Germany