Caller who claimed to be a "friend" was a scammer

Anonymous | 12 Sep 2022

Impersonation Scam

Got a missed call from the 1st number on 7/9 and i called back as i was expecting parcels and thought it could be the delivery guy. Called back and this guy answered telling me this is his new number and ask me to guess who he was. I was at work so i said i dontknow who is he. He said we even had meal together last month! I said nope I didn’t have any meal with any male friends. Then he laughed and said it was fine and that he would WA me. Nothing came.

2nd call received on 9/9 9pm+, out of curiosity i answered. It is the same guy! This time rd he asked “really don’t rmb me?! I am "Jason Ang"!” Then i said I don’t know any “Jason Ang” and I got irritated so i asked him how he got my number. He got angry and shouted back “don't ask me how i got ur number! I even know your home address, your husband, son, mother & father names!” Then he hanged up. I found it funny as i am still single so i decided to call back. He answered and asked “what u want!” So, I asked “so what is my husband name???” He got super angry and shouted “I would call your husband later!” What a joke but people out there pls don’t fall for such stupid scams. Even if they know your name, it could still be a scam.