Purchase tickets from legitimate platforms

Anonymous | 13 Feb 2023

Online Travel Vacation Scam
hi Police,

We are writing in to raise awareness on the recent travel scam in which unforuntaley we have fallen prey to.

After googling for ktx trains ticket from seoul to busan, we made an online purchase with this website "rail.ninja/route.com" which was unfortunaly found to be fradulent. [similar incidents were shared by the members of the public. article with asiaone / straits time]

We paid usd $154.89 which was equivalent to SGD211.35 with our bank credit cards details. our nightmare ensued after my paypal account that was tied to this credit card had "two" unauthorised deductions to Europe rail way service "paypal italoreno 89" for the amount of sgd120.51 and sgd84.31. these two fradulents deduction was reported to paypal and i have received the refunds.

from 1 feb to 12 feb, we did not receive any link to reserve our seats. that triggers an alarm and we went online to do more research on this rail ninja which was then confirmed to be a fradulent website with many victims. the website is well run by the syndicate with deceptive modus operandi. website was well maintained. they have an actual customer serivce email that responsed saying they need more time to provide the link for us to reserve our seats. all this was a complete lie as we did not hear from them anymore.

Please purchase tickets using legitimate platforms.