Beware of phishing SMSes

Anonymous | 13 Jul 2022

Phishing Scam
Sent me an SMS. Saying this:

Dear customer, Your shipment No. IL1001298312SG has arrived in Singapore and requires payment of customs duties and taxes: (Note: Scam site. Do NOT click)

I bought some items online so I thought maybe it was real. So I clicked — The link brings you to a website with the Singpost logo to make it look credible.

The page will prompt you to pay a small amount of money that you think is negligible ($2.80). But you have to key in your credit card details.

A red flag was that it was asking for shipping customs duties and taxes at all. Singaporeans know you only pay customs if you buy more than $400.

Another red flag was the website URL was nothing related to singpost —despite the site using the Singpost logo (which can be easily copied from online) — which is suspect BC official Singpost would have a legitimate website URL.

So, I went to search the Singpost website, and found if you do need to pay customs for Singpost you can only do it on their Singpost app or at a Sam machine —anything else asking you to pay online or through an SMS is fake / a scam.

Editor's Note: You can verify the shipment details by checking the shipment number of your order before clicking on the URL. Please log into your e-commerce account to look up for the details.