Someone pretending to be from "MediaCorp" attempted to scam me

Anonymous | 13 Oct 2023

Impersonation Scam Job Scam
Text from scammer

[0:56 pm, 13/10/2023] +1 (873) 763-1791: Nice to meet you. If you have time, can we do an interview?
[0:56 pm, 13/10/2023] +1 (873) 763-1791: Sorry to disturb you, I am from Singapore and I am a film critic for Media Corp☺️
In order to develop the film and television market, can I ask you some ideas about film and television? We will pay you S$8-280 in cash via PayNow, thank you! Can you take the time to answer this?
1. What is your favorite type of movie?
A: Kung Fu and action
B: Science fiction and Marvel
C: Nonsensical comedy
D: Ethics and love

2. What content of the movie do you care most about?
A: The plot is exciting and interesting
B: The scene is shocking and exciting
C: Celebrity hero and heroine
D: The role echoes the soaring performance

3.What age group do you belong to?
A: 23-30 years old
B: 31-40 years old
C: 41-50 years old
D: Over 52 years old
It's simple, you just need to choose from the following A/B/C/D (you can select multiple) and the company will pay you8SGDvia PayNow

Box Office Presale 4

Pre-sales details
Help movies released by MediaCorp increase box office pre-sales, create word-of-mouth for the movie, improve Douban ratings, and return commissions based on box office
Pre-order tutorial
1: Quote the amount within the group and contact the receptionist for prepayment
2: After successful prepayment, register and log in
3: Complete box office pre-sales and refunds
## Box office pre-sale quantity is limited##
Pre-sale amount
Pre-sale of 59 SGD advance ticket order, earn 17+, refund 76+
Pre-sale of 179 SGD advance ticket order, earn 53+, refund 232+
Pre-sale of 450 SGD advance ticket order, earn 135+, refund 585+
Pre-sale of 1080 SGD advance ticket order, earn 324+, refund 1404+
[Choose which order and reply directly to the group with the prepaid amount]

Next time:13:40PM

This is a typical scam. do not entertain and block straight away. do not communicate after seeing these as they might spam your inbox. They will paynow you cash from different bank accounts. but you risk your account frozen from these fraudulent account. not worth it. Hope that my story will prevent others from getting scammed. 

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