Beware of calls from people claiming to be your 'friend'

Anonymous | 13 Sep 2022

Impersonation Scam
i received a call from 8933 0954.

He called me and ask me to guess his name.. after informing that i cant recognise him, he keep insisted me to try hard. Until I stated a name, he said it was correct. he said he lost his wallet and phone hence the number is different.

He mentioned that he set up a new business and want to invite me to his opening on a certain day. I told him to send me the address and date.

He called me again today and inform me that he is still doing setting his bank atm card and ic. He told me that he got stocks coming to sg hence he ask me to do the payment(5k~6k) for him.

i told him to come meet me up and collect cash as it is inconvenience for me to do the transfer. He kept asking me to deposit into the bank account. I believe the scammer might see this as well. I wanted to tell him this "nice try"!