I lost money a Job scam

Anonymous | 13 Sep 2023

Job Scam
I applied for a job through LinkedIn and was contacted by Amy, who mentioned receiving a message from MSC Recruit about the job details.

Initially, when I received the job description, I was skeptical. However, after being added to the group and conducting a background check on the company, everything seemed legitimate. So, I proceeded with the assigned tasks. The task required completing 2 sets of 36 ratings to boost the platform apps, with the promise of a 1-3% profit.

The first task went smoothly and was completed successfully. However, the second task introduced something called "package rating." When the application's cost exceeded the balance in your account, it would turn negative, and you were required to "recharge" to continue rating. I ended up with 4 instances of "package rating," accumulating to 58k.

Now, I'm left with just one more task to complete (35/36), and I can withdraw the money from their website portal. Unfortunately, my bank account has been frozen.

Please be aware of this situation, and I sincerely hope I can recover my money 😞.