Not all friends who you know online are genuine

Anonymous | 14 Feb 2020

Internet Love Scam
This guy, Brian Powell (51 years old) befriended me on TINDER asked me for my whatsapp number, almost immediately, I don't see his profile on Tinder anymore, claimed he's not comfortable there as there's women asking him for money. He claimed he's widowed for 5 years. Wife died in a car crash, he's originally from Philadelphia but migrated to Melbourne 10 years ago. He have a 15 year old son living with his aunt is the USA. He's a drilling consultant and needs to travel very often. He would text me daily, with sweet talks, claimed he's coming over to Singapore by end of Feb to visit me, but he needs to go to Doha to work on his new project before he comes over. The sweet talks happened daily for 3 weeks, I tried to do a voice call with him twice, somehow, he would evade the request. I sensed something was wrong. One day, he claimed he went shopping, he wanted to send the items to me before he comes over, he says he do not have enough space in his luggage and the items he bought are expensive, not safe to keep in the hotel. I asked for photos of the items, he sent some photos of jewellery and some other items, I told him those items are not what I liked and told him to return. He insisted to send the items over and asked me for my address, I refused to give. He disappeared after that.