I lost $3k to a job scam

Anonymous | 14 Jan 2022

Job Scam
I was approached by a girl on telegram who wanted to hire me for a job. She then introduced me to another dude who introduced me to this click for commissions job on the taiger platform. it seemed legitimate at first as there was a company uen number and address. They ran through the whole clicking process, and while i was skeptical of the requirement to deposit money, they assured me by showing me the withdrawal process and actually money to my bank account. I then decided to continue on and try the job, but limiting my first top up to $100. However, as i went along, they required more top ups. I decided to top up so i can get back my original $100.

It escalated to the point where i had deposit a total of $3000. I stopped there and asked the company customer service what i can do, and was informed if i could not complete the clicking assignments within 3 days, I would get sued. At this point, i decided to do a google search to see what i had brought myself into, and found out via scamalert.sg that i may have fallen for a jobs scam. I lodged a police report thereafter based on advice on scamalert.sg.