Beware of online job scams

Anonymous | 14 Jan 2022

Job Scam

I was contacted by a random person from telegram asking if I want to make 150-300 a day working from home. I joined a few job ads group so I thought they randomly messaged us. So I ask for details and soon after a person on WhatsApp message me and invited me to a group. Everyone in there was very friendly and helpful. About 7-8 of them. Some even pumped me and help me along. 1 of them act as new comer and pm me as well. Share me screens and their journey(inciting me to do the same)

it is said that there's a job like "online ticketing tasks" (basically purchase movie tickets and earn comms.

So they asked me to register an account from this website and after that there's a free $100 inside for you to "start" purchasing movie tickets and boost the ratings etc. (you need to complete 35 tasks to withdraw your money) to earn comms. So I earned $10 from 35tasks and it was able to withdraw that "$10" comms. (so basically they roped you in by giving you $10 first.)

And soon that $10 earned them $491 in return.

So for the 2nd time, there is no more $100 free. So I have to top my own $100 and the story begins. It says you get a premium ticket (no.17 ticket) but you need another $391 to unlock. So I need top up and on the ticket no.21, I got another 'premium' ticket and asked me to top another $1100+. That is when I got suspicious and stopped deposit and went to ask them.

The whole group ended up blocking me when I asked them to assist me.