Food review job turned out to be a scam

Anonymous | 14 May 2022

Job Scam
I was first contacted by this lady name Rachel tan via telegram, in her message she asked if i looking for freelancer job, she claimed that they help thousand or restaurant / food stall to promote and share their cuisine. each set of review we could earn up to $15. she than refer me to another lady name Peiying and she started sharing with me how and what to do to earn. I was than added to a group chat of about 15 people in there and all sounded friendly and earning the commission. i signed up on the platform and at first there was a given credit of $108, so i have to review 32 eatery randomly pick by them, after I completed the 32 review i saw $14 commission and yes i managed to withdraw the money via Paynow. she told me to deposit $108 to get another set of review to earn extra, so I went ahead, so the deposit was to contact their cs and i was given a individual account to do Paynow. After transferring $108, I started the renew, halfway through the review say I received a special delicacies, I checked with CS and the reply was you so lucky, you will enjoy 5 times commission if you deposit the amount stated, human greed so I deposited $xxx and i continue the review and it stop again, this time round the amount became $xxxx, now in order to get back my $xxx i procced to deposit $xxxx. each set is 32 review so towards the end at 31 it stop and say special delicacies, this time is $xxxxx amount. i told the cs no way i going ahead and they keep convincing me to proceed one more review i would be able to withdraw the comm and deposited money all at one time. this time i knew i am scammed. I stopped. It just multiplied to a level you cant afford to pay the big amount and you are stuck.