Buyer who wanted to purchase my items turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 14 Nov 2022

Online Purchase Scam
i was trying to sell a children pants in Carousell. this person contacted me, he/she used a Malay couple picture. He said he would make payment first. then say i will receive a sms of a link to receive the fund by Carousell. he asked for my mobile number. immediately after he sent me a link by sender name of 'qsms' with a link the link ask for credit card number details and card balance. then the bubble message ask me to key in the otp. after a few minutes i received an otp of a transaction and then email of someone trying to add my card number to apple pay. then I realised i was about to be scammed. i remember the link also ask for my bank user id and password.

So, be careful even if you are a seller, they try to get your phone number and send you a fake link asking for bank card and bank id password/otp.