I lost over $18k after agreeing to help a friend with her orders

Anonymous | 15 Aug 2022

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I got to know the lady on Facebook dating. Went on to chat on WhatsApp. The scammer sent photos of herself, we chatted and spoke till quite late one night. Came one night, she asked me to help her to contact another WhatsApp business account (Dior online customer support) to help her with some orders. I proceeded to help as I didn't think of it as much. However, even though at the start, they gave me some commissions to catch me off guard as they started to increase the amount of money needed till the point i wasn't able to pay. The final straw was when I made the full amount, they say my account got frozen and need to unfreeze by doing another order task which is $8500. at this point of time, i realize that i was caught in a scam. I quickly make a police report when i confirm with my other friends.

I suspect this is an organised group doing these catfishing to cheat money from people. i suspect it could either local or Malaysians or even mainland Chinese as their transaction is all on paynow and the names of the account are mostly Malay and chinese.