Be wary of unsolicited calls from "DHL". They could be fake!

Anonymous | 15 Jan 2019

Internet Love Scam
I received a call from DHL via a personal number 92461490, stating that I had sent a parcel to Beijing that was detained and needed me to call Interpol to find out. I let my guard down and continued talking as i also had a parcel from DHL incoming, so I mixed both details up. and thought the parcel I was receiving was detained

After the call was transferred to Interpol, they made me say out the fake parcel number which was given by DHL, and said there were 5 fake passports in it, and told me its a serious issue and had to call the Beijing police to report, after the call was transferred for the second time, my suspicions were already confirmed.

Through the conversations, I thought i could get more details from them, but the conversation was going nowhere, and I ended my call. and sent the screenshots of all the numbers to the police. nothing was lost other than my name

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