DHL Impersonation Scam yet again!

Anonymous | 15 Jan 2019

Impersonation Scam
I've been receiving several calls from an automated “DHL” service, claiming that I have an uncollected parcel. I dialled 9 to speak to the operator, who obviously is from mainland China. 

Sometimes, I request them to speak English, and in response, they will hang up. Other times, I ask them what do they want since they called me, and the customer service explains that it's an automated system that diverted the call to customer service. When I ask if they are based in Singapore, they say yes. When i ask to speak in English, they divert the call and hang up.

I have tried calling back the number and found out it was a StarHub registered number. I do sales so it is hard for me not to answer calls which are not listed in my phonebook. However, the recent spate seems to show that China is abusing our security. Apart from creating awareness, please look into ways to alleviate the problem.