I lost over $12k to an investment scam

Anonymous | 15 Jan 2022

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It started on 21 December 2021. I met this girl named "Biang" on TanTan dating app. We chatted a while on the app before exchanging number to continue on WhatsApp. She introduced herself as "ZhongYing 钟颖". Her number is +60 11-6441 6088.

We chatted for a few days to understand each other until one day she asked me if I'm interested to invest. She promised me she will guide me along and very confident every transaction will be successful. She kept on persuading me and send me a link to install the app. It's a APK file, app named "KRX". The app uses USD only and in order to deposit you will need to contact customer service via WhatsApp. Deposit via account number or paynow. KRX number is +852 5535 2443. After downloading the app, I created an account. She told me to deposit US $100 equivalent to SG $135 to give it a try. She began persuading me to deposit US $1000/SG $1350. Since I did "earn", I decided to be greedy and deposit SG $1350. She told me she willing to "lend" me US $6000, so I took it. She also told me to message her my KRX account number so she can transfer the US $6000 to me. At this point, I trusted her completely as all the transactions she guided me were successful. I began to deposit more and more money. On the day of Christmas, I decided to withdraw all my money out and return her US $6000 equivalent to SG $8100 as we agree on it. I questioned her the withdrawal procedure and she answered me if my account is less than US $20000, you will need to contact customer service and if US $20000 or more, it can be done by yourself on the app. I contacted the customer service for withdrawal as my account only have around US $15000/over SG $20000. Customer service text me saying it is required to pay the cross border fee, 20% of the total sum and is fully refundable after the withdrawal completes. She started pestering me to return her US $6000 she lend me or else she will lodge a report on the app and make a police report. I got scared and paid the 20% cross border fee so that I could get all my money back and return her. Customer service message me saying it takes about 30 minutes to process. About 15 minutes later, I received a message from customer service saying a user report me, therefore withdrawal process has stopped. At this point, I know it is all a scam and make a police report. Later that day she message me to return her money but I ignored her.

In total I lost $12643 in 3 days. From investment to nightmare. WORST CHRISTMAS EVER.

⚠️ If you are a victim of a scam, please DO NOT attempt to be a scammer or money mule in order to recover back your losses ⚠️