I lost over $20k to a job scam

Anonymous | 15 Jan 2023

Job Scam
1) HOW IT HAPPENED: a whatsapp message on a survey on singapore attractions.
2) WHEN IT HAPPENED: 13-14 Jan 2023

job scam summary
it all started from a WhatsApp message sent to me to answer a very simple survey on singapore and yourself. after answering the survey on whatsapp, she told me to contact her receptionist via telegram IF I WERE INTERESTED to learn MORE JOB OPPORTUNITY. on telegram, the receptionist asked me for my personal details (name, Gender, Age, Nationality, WhatsAPP no., Occupation) and THEN INTRODUCED ME THE work/mission WAS TO like youtube videos and share screenshot of the like to a telegroup. day 1, the work was easy and seeing actual money flowing into my bank had me convinced that they are trustable. on my day 2, i participated in a rare mission named prepaid activities. in this mission, i was added to telegroup chat named "task group" with a supervisor and another 3 more members. this mission required us to create an account on a not secured currency exchange website and pool in money to a middleman for funds to do the exchange on the website. it takes several rounds to complete the pooling of money and the basic money to pool in just kept increasing. wanting to back out but i was too deep in so i continued to transfer. $529 > $1566 > $4998 > $16885 however, when i thought it was finally completed, i was told that my transaction had failed and i would have to put in another $50655 to get back what i failed. when i told them these were all i have and i really have no choice but to withdraw, they kept convincing me to ask around for help. THE RECEPTIONIST MANAGED TO GATHER 15K and a kind soul from the same task group chat offered to help to cover whatever i was left with. i was elated and transferred my last bit of money to the middle man. *declined* i received a call from the bank and was told that i have been transferring money to accounts from another bank that are already marked as scam.

Reflection on the red flags that i should have noticed:-

- people in the group chat are too happy to welcome the prepaid task
- their words did not match e.g some people mentioned the prepaid task is rare but being in the group chat for 2 days, i already seen such activity 3 times.
- too easy money
- "force me" to transfer money within a short time frame
- "kind soul" who was too nice to borrow me, a stranger, 30k
- many different middleman accounts to transfer
- my output was more than what i earned from them (should have realize at this point this is not a job)

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