Don't fall prey to Home Rental scam

Anonymous | 15 Jul 2020

Home/Room Rental Scam
Hi I received a whats app from someone called Zu Lan. She wanted my email rather than phone. Sounded odd but I gave it. I received the following message which sounded odd so i looked online and found lots of similar stories. (but people have lost money) Zu Lan's email 
Thank you for replying to me. My name is Zhu Lan, 36 years old, a single and non-smoker lady. I am willing to rent the room. I am at sea at the moment as i work on a cruise ship as a Chef offshore of Philippines

I will be living and working down there as my contract here is coming to an end that's why I am coming there. But due to the nature of my work of having a busy schedule, phone calls making and visiting websites are restricted, I only squeezed out time to check this advert and send you a message so I won't be able to come for the viewing myself.
I will like you to kindly calculate the total cost covering my first six months rent together with a deposit and I will be staying for long as your room is available.

Please kindly get back to me with some pictures of the room and your address for me to forward it to my mover agent to calculate the total cost of moving my stuff over there. I have attached my IC with this email for you to have a view of me. Looking forward to read back from you soon.