Call from Microsoft turned out to be a scam

Anonymous | 15 Mar 2020

Software Update Scam
I first received a phone call from a girl with Indian accent who claimed to be sophie soon from microsoft tech support team. She had my name, Email and number. She told me that there were problems with my computer but I told her that I didn't experience any problem and my computer was new. She said she will show me the PROBLEMs. After receiving multiple calls from her, I relented as I did an old computer which was problematic and I sent a diagnostic report to Microsoft. She asked me to run a series of codes via the command box and fooled me into thinking that there was a problem with my computer. I later found out that the "problems" existed in all computers. She then wanted to gain remote access to my computer and I felt uncomfortable, so I questioned her identity and she gave me all except for her company phone number. I grew suspicious and CONTINUEd to question her about THe number she used to call me. She immediately transferred my call to her supervisor, a guy with indian accent who was more adept at talking. I granted remote access although I felt uncomfortable and he started running diagnostic tests on my computer. He then asked for my name, billing address, email and phone number which I thought they should already have. I divulged everything excerpt for my billing address. I then called Microsoft to verify while they had remote access to my computer...I managed to abort the connection when they tried install something on my computer by accepting risks. They then made another 10 calls to my phone which I did not pick up. Although I have reinstalled windows on my computer and ran a few antivirus scans, I'm still worried that they may misuse my information out of revenge or installed any trojan in my computer.