Scammers attempted to impersonate legitimate organisations to build credibility

Anonymous | 15 Mar 2022

Job Scam
Basically one of those job scams on telegram.
Girl named ROSie asked me if I am interested in a job, I can earn 70-210/day.
She told me to give my number and someone will contact me on whatsapp.
I asked why can't she just give me info on telegram and she said telegram loses information easily.

After 2 hours a guy on whatsapp named danny messaged me and asked me to go on this website: (NOTE: Scam website, do not click). I searched up qlik, it is a legit company that the scammers are impersonating, because it is relatively unheard of to the general public.

On the website there is a real address but when i googled that address it belonged to another company, not theirs.

Anyway how this scam works is that the person will try to earn your trust by topping up money into your account then 'training' you so that you can kinda take out some money at first, after which you have to top up your own money to complete boost missions.

I did not top up of course, and just ignored all other messages from the scammer.

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