My teacher's FB messenger got hacked

Anonymous | 15 Sep 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
My temple teacher also one of my Facebook friend, suddenly used messenger to message me and asked for my phone number, Which we didn’t exchange at all and we don’t message each other as we will meet every Sunday in the temple.

He told me that if he gets 5 votes he will Grab cash voucher with me. I thought of helping him to win the votes and he also can win Prizes, why not. Just help him only. So I send him my phone number. He told me I have to copy and send the code back to him as he need the code to win the votes. So I just follow.

Then he say I won $1150 and asked to transfer the money to my account. But I need to copy and send code back to him again. I started to be suspicious as he is a high class person, and he doesn’t need all this. Plus I remember what I watched on Crime Watch. I stop replying.