Beware of scam calls claiming to be from "Singapore High Court"

Anonymous | 15 Sep 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam

I received a call from the mobile number 9320019? on 15 Sep 2021 (Weds) at around 3:50pm. When I answered the call, I heard a voice message purporting to be from the "Singapore high court" informing me that i had a "summons" that "had not been processed" and inviting me to press "9" for more information.

Upon pressing "9", I was attended to by a man who sounded like someone of Chinese ethnicity. I explained to the man that I had been redirected to him after hearing a voice message (the contents of which I relayed to him). The man asked for my summons number; I replied that I did not know. The man then asked for my identification number; after supplying him with fake information, I revealed to him that I was going to report his number to the authorities as the call was obviously a scam call. His response was simply to tell me to "please go ahead and report me" before hanging up.

At all times during the call described above, I put on a fake accent and was fully aware that the call was not legitimate. I am just sharing this experience to raise awareness.