Online 'friend' turned abusive when I didn't want to invest

Anonymous | 15 Sep 2022

Investment Scam

Met a Chinese guy, named peter lee (ig handle:, now changed to szp_ytek, mobile: 8544 1497) on Instagram and we switched to WhatsApp to chat. We have a mutual follower who happened to be my friend and i got to know from my friend that she has lost money due to the crypto investments introduced by him. He told my friend that he also lost all his money in the investments and have sold his house and car to pay his debts, which of course were fake as he was chatting with me, telling me he stays in condo and sent me photos of a boxing fitness studio and minimart that he has invested in Miami. He also sent me videos of him in his car, eating at restaurants and going shopping which I believed were his tactics to convince me that he is real.

In the first week of chatting, mainly in chinese, he started telling me that he is interested in me and we started talking about crypto investments, a topic that he broached. I shared that i am curious and he sent screenshots of pledge mining pool and asked if i wanted him to teach me. When i didn’t give him the time for him to teach me, he turned verbally abusive.

I also managed to find out that he is using photos of a malaysian model (jae loo). I sent him a screenshot of the Malaysian model ig and a message to expose him and blocked him after i made a police report.

Always be careful not to trust online friends blindly.