Caller pressed me to take up a loan even though I didn't need it

Anonymous | 16 Apr 2022

Loan Scam
I received a voice call mentioning loan service (borrow 1K return 1k with less interest) and continued to talk very long and I asked the caller where he got my number, he mentioned he got it from rick or ricky. I mentioned that I was busy and i did not need the loan and he continued to persuade me to take up the loan for emergency purposes. I mentioned that i do not need, i would call and report to the police over this matter and ended the call. 

Editor's Note: Licensed moneylenders cannot advertise their services online, including social media, via messaging apps, SMSes or cold calls. Some of these scammers will misuse legitimate companies' details such as name, licence numbers, or even create fake websites in their name to fool users. In order to ensure that you do not get scammed, only contact licensed moneylenders through the details shown on this website: Licensed moneylenders are NOT allowed to disburse loans remotely but only at the registered office location.