Scammer claimed that I have "broken the law"

Anonymous | 16 Aug 2019

Impersonation Scam
Received an automated call and claim i have a package from dhl and press 9 to connect to customer service. A chinese lady was connected and informed that i have a package mailed under my name on 13 aug. I told her that it is not possible and asked who’s the Recipient. She Provided the details of the recipient: 马阳 北京市民丰台区人民法院东大街 66号
Also claimed thaT my identity has been stolen and i will have to make a police report with the local police in china. I asked her where Does she work And she Told me changi airport. I requested to go and meet her Directly as My chinese Is not all that great. She told me iT was not necessary as it wont change the situation.

she connected me to the “local police station” and i provided the case number: 157369 that the “dhl staff” told me.

I was connected to a Chinese man who claim to be a police officer and All i provided was the case number and he knew my identity was stolen for some package, immediately i dropped the call. 
+86 159 1044 3116 Called my MobiLe 4 times and i missed all 4 calls as i went To the bathroom.