Concerned friend prevented me from becoming a victim

Anonymous | 16 Jan 2019

Internet Love Scam
Started with his personal message through MEET-up APP messaging, saying that he was deeply attracted with me. then continued to telling about each other through email, and chat through google hangouts. i was so naive and open to share my personal matters. I feel that he is aggressive. knowing that i am single and available, he tried to win my heart; in one week he wrote 3 emails: about himself, write me a poem, and telling me a detailed story about how his ex wife cheated on him. Honestly his email and chats made me wonder if this could be real.. luckily one of several friends whom I shared about this told me sternly that this definitely is a love scam. so I already signed out my hangouts. if he emailed me again, i may just ignore it or told him off.

I am thankful that i am spared from further lies/loss. after realising that I am his prey, I could recall more and more parts that are odd. I cannot comprehend why people can be so wicked.the evil is really there outside, beware!

Photo Evidence: