Beware of callers who claimed to be your friend

Anonymous | 16 Jan 2022

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
Scammer can impersonate anyone to cheat and can be your "friend" too.

i believe that this scam has re-emerged. 
+6584123746 this number call me twice, first call i picked up, no sound. I hung up. The same number called again, i pick up again, and this strong malaysian chinese accent guy talk to me, and told me, "hello , this is my new singapore number 84123746, please remember"

i was like "ok"? Then could you tell me who you are first? so that i'm able to update my contact right, he said, " we just meet up recently you forget? from this point i already confirm what he said was fake why he need to hide himself if he is legit? 2nd he is waiting for me to give him a name so that he can carry on his scamming. but too bad i dont have any malaysian friend. i play along with him, i ask him, ok at least you can tell me what your old number? so that i am able to update my contact? he say will whatapp me his old contact for me to update, till now he did not whatapp me anything. before he hang up he say later i whatapp you my old number you update this new number your contact, we can go yishun northpoint for a meal as his friend open a new foodstall there. and he hang up.

3 day later my colleague told me he was scam of 400 dollar. due to this same Modus operandi (MO) he told me he transferred of 400 to this unknown guy he say his new stall need to pay his food supplier first as he just open a new stall. my colleague report this to police already.

Same accent that sounded like Malaysian, same tactic, to use open new stall as reason to transfer money to supplier. Such a coincidence.

Lastly, i would like to use this platform to inform all people with foreign friend. do check the person identity first, ask a secret question that you and your foreign friend will know challenge the caller first. if not, hold the call and immediately your foreign friend if he really change number. before continuing the conversation.

Editor's Note: Please verify the request by contacting your actual friend through a number or email that you already know to check.