Scammer used a courier company that doesn't exist!

Anonymous | 16 May 2019

Internet Love Scam

This guy actually requested to follow me on IG. I accepted the request. Almost immediately, I started to receive his text on 1 April 2019. He expressed interests in finding a life-partner and we communicated via WhatsApp. He claimed to be an American-born Chinese staying in the States. His father is a Singaporean, while mother an American. He claimed to be A PHD HOLDER but many spelling errors. He’s a project supervisor in the oil and gas industry. His wife passed away 2 years ago due to an accident. His mother is very ill and he prays for her survival. He’s good in manipulating feelings. He will always portray himself to be very reliable and nice. He proclaimed his love for me and affectionately although we have never met. He called me once and there was a strong accent that wasn’t American. When I requested for his pictures, he made many excuses not to send When he finally did, it was obviously not his own pics. After 2 weeks, he asked me to go into a business with him. It carried on until a month later when he claimed that he bought me many things and would be sending the items to me in Singapore. I rejected the idea at first but after his persistent requests, I relented. He didn’t tell me about the fees involved until I questioned him. He then became very frustrated and accused me of stressing him out. He told me not to worry as the courier company he went to was very reliable and he had used it before. However, the company doesn’t even exist. When I found out the proper procedures, I end off the relationship with him. The courier company he claimed to use is “Demont Courier Service”.