Always verify job offers with the company directly

Anonymous | 16 May 2022

Job Scam

I was contacted by a recruiter from "BGC Group" called Julie and she referred me to the job in-Charge known as ChongLin.

Chonglin then introduced to me that the job was to boost sellers' listings just by clicking 2 buttons. The job involves completing 45 sets of lisitings and I will receive commission for each listing I have completed. The listings are categorized into 2 types: normal and enterprise. Normal does not require deposits while Enterprise requires deposits. At first, when an enterprise data pops up, chonglin will lead by asking me to contact the customer service whatsapp account to request for a bank account to deposit money. He also explained that I could take out my principal on top of my commissions. Afterwards, he even showed a screenshot of his transaction to gain my trust.

The next day when I tried, there were much more enterprise lisitings. Each listings requires more and more money to deposit in order to complete the lisiting. Being led on by chonglin, i did not doubt much and continued to deposit until I realise I do not have sufficient funds to do so. Thats when I asked from help and they asked me to borrow from my friends and family. Its was only when I told my sister and I found out it was a scam. I lost about 11k at this point. I reported to the bank and police later on in the same day.

Here are some of the key takeaways from my incident:
1) Do not trust any online messages claiming to be a recruiter
2) There should always be company funds to perform business operations. So even if the party seems reliable and convincing, do not trust him/her to make deposits
3) Just because there is a group chat for your work, means your job us real. Though not mention above, I was being added to a whatsapp group chat. I believed their tactics to make you think it is legitimate. They also purposefully gain your trust by having other scammers acting as newbies to ask questions you would be interested in to gain your trust.
4) It is obvious that it is a scammer organization, with one loop after another to get you trapped in this scam.
5) Always question everything you see online, no matter how reliable it may seem.
6) When you find it suspicious, always trust ur instinct, stop what you are doing and verify. Do not be led on by the scammers.

I hope my painful lesson will help to spread awareness and prevent less people from falling prey to such scams again. :)