I took up a fake job that ended up to be a scam

Anonymous | 16 May 2022

Job Scam

I got scammed. It is about a job where you do reviews for different cuisines, and for every 28-31 cuisines you reviewed, you will get a commission of $16. However, after the 28-31 times, you have to top-up, I think, $112 to continue.

After that, I would get a 'special delicacy ' that would require me to top-up hundreds or thousands, and I would get 5 times the commission . I'm on my 27th review, and i'm not sure if there's one more or 6 more . I was first contacted on telegram then referred to someone on whatsapp . The group consists of 14 people. In my case one of the new mwmbers reached out to me and she got her money back . But when i tried to, the money i had to deposit was not only once but was getting bigger and bigger . My next transfer is supposed to be around 2000, and i am unsure if i should do it to get my money back .