Two online friends who I met online turned out to be scammers

Anonymous | 16 Nov 2021

Internet Love Scam Investment Scam
I almost became a victim of investment scam on a dating app (okcupid) by two men, but we exchanged messages in LINE App.

First guy, we communicated for about 2 weeks. He sent photos of his dog, himself and I was attracted to his words. But I felt something was off when he started talking about how he wished we could travel together and so he introduced investing so we could save money for our travels. He Sent me photos of the places he went recently. Few Of the photos he sent were Taken from the internet. And Since I already had doubts about the guy, I did my research and read scam stories in dating sites. He kept convincing me everyday about investing but I never agreed to him so he just stopped communicating with me.

Second guy, claimed to be From Singapore, also had the same tactics. He communicated with sweet words but i already doubted him because his English Was off, and sounded like he Used google translate. Sometimes he would send me messages in Chinese and then delete it. We communicated For more than a week and he begun Telling me about investing as his hobby. he has been doing it for 2 years and profiting everyday. I was suspicious so I try to sound interested about investing and did my own research. He sent me a link to a trading website to create an account. I looked it up on the internet and found out that it was a scam. So, I immediately BLOCKED the guy.