Beware of robocalls claiming to be from 'OCBC'

Anonymous | 16 Nov 2022

Phishing Scam

I received a robocall from OCBC bank. The voice was the same, the wait time music was the same, everything was the same — but the a phone number was a strange +65 sg number.

The robocall asked me to confirm a payment for s$4218.50 (something like that), and i did not approve it.

My call immediately went to a call center where the gentleman knew my full name (he gave 0 details). He informed that he was an OCBC staff.

He asked me for my fin/nric #. I gave it to him. He thanked me.

I asked him again what the payment was about … And he hung up. I called him back and the starbub number was disconnected.

I realised that it was a scam when I called up the real OCBC hotline to enquire.