Always verify the job offer to avoid falling prey to job scams

Anonymous | 16 Oct 2021

Job Scam

Initially, I saw the part time job ads in FACEBOOK, click into the link and that was a lady using local number called Olivia, who instructed me to do a job task called boosting sales for Qoo10 merchant. The WhatsApp groups including about 17 members which I observed for about weeks to see their activities as those transactions are small amount.

I was thought to try if really could be a commission based job and I did chat with one of the participants Who told me she worked as this job for few weeks and able to earn few thousands.the group got posted the campaign ads which including the lucky draw,I was doubt for it actually,but since the transaction amount small so took a try. For the first 4 transactions I was really tasted the "sweet" but the 5th Transaction started the trap already, the instructor claimed that I was not completed the task which have to screenshot ,the instructor told me I still have 2nd missions to be completed for getting the returned capital and commissions, but the 2nd missions I have to pay about 2k ++ which I confirmed this is scam tactics, looked from online scam alert that are lots of similar situations lots of victims faced I would like to create the awareness the scam team can used lots of contact number with profile photo and they spent their time to act into group for getting your attention, better don’t click inside and join any group cha those scammers really put long bait for fishing one. I was glad I just lost hundreds of dollars before being trapped to the deeper amount.