My bank account got frozen because I helped someone to receive and transfer money

Anonymous | 16 Oct 2022

Money Mule Scam

He approached me at first through LinkedIn on july 2022, he said he is from us, we started to chat with a 12 hrs time difference, assuming he is really from us. We did voice call as well but never video call. I didn’t suspect much. He mentioned he is coming to Malaysia for a contract job, on last week of august, he said he needed my help to transfer money to Malaysia company and use my sg account, said that it would be faster for them to receive rather than he Giro from us. To cut it short, i didn’t realized that I have been fooled by this scammer, helping him for money laundry, i didn’t lose any money, but my bank account been freeze until now and it is still under interrogation. And of course, this guy is nowhere to be found and contact. To girls out there, please be careful, he probably targeting on women who has sg bank account to help him transfer the money.