Do not respond to messages offering loans!

Anonymous | 16 Sep 2020

Loan Scam

I received an sms from DBSbank i think they use 3 sms accounts to do notification sms. I got it and it said <dbs>installment loan 3.8% p. $20,000=$600x36 months $100,000=$1,900x60 months marcus lim 83755100

i asked for his name card via whatsapp on 13th sep 2020 and he sent me but the email said gmail but i didnt think about it and i sent him my nric, bank statement and noa and whne i pressed to meet up he said its an internet only centre i declined to proceed but he sent me a screen shot of a posb loan agreement and he sent $100,000 to me a screen shot of the transfer on 16th sep wed at 112pm but obviously didnt and then he subsequently deleted the images from our message.

I screened shot the conversation and details but missed out the bank ac number unfortunately. He called me but i declined the loan but now he has my nric and other details.

I have since cancelled all my DBS bank accounts and created new ones.