DHL Impersonation scam: Many impersonation scam these days

Anonymous | 17 Aug 2019

Impersonation Scam
Received SCAM call from China DHL branch automated service (phone number: 9993 1687), then connected to an actual Chinese speaking phone operator. In Chinese the Operator told me that my phone number was associated with a parcel that contained 8 counterfeit passports, that was sent from Singapore to Chao Yang, Beijing. They took down my Chinese name and my first name. I told them I had nothing to do with this. They told me that if I really had nothing to do with this, I should let the Beijing Seaport Security Authorities know directly. In the meantime, they gave me the airway number of the parcel CL69238080DE, the sender's address "Singapore 160056" as well as the intended recipient name and address: Mr. Fong Zhen, #18 Chao Yang Qu, Meng Wai Da Jie, phone number: +86 13213065371. At this point I was still not sure if it was a scam, so when he asked if he could connect me to the Chinese officials that deal with such parcels, I said ok. He connected immediately to Officer Ling En. He asked me why I was calling and explained that he was the Chinese Sea Port authority dealing with sea freight packages and that my phone number was on a parcel that contain the counterfeit passports. I said yes, DHL informed me and asked me to speak to you, how do I deal with this? He said that this was a very serious issue and that according to Chinese law, I had to physically go to the office in Chao Yang Beijing to do a recorded interview / deposition, explaining that I had nothing to do with this parcel - this was the only way to clear my name. I said that is 100% impossible, as I live in Singapore and that I was not going to fly anywhere to do this. He said it's ok, we can reschedule the deposition timing to Monday, 19 Aug 2019 at 11am and everything can be done on the phone. I asked why they didn't want to have black and white email correspondence? and Officer Ling En said that that is not how they do it in China. Everything will be done over the phone with his superior next Monday and that recording will serve as evidence that I am not involved in this. I said ok and then hung up. I googled the airway bill and it did not turn up on the DHL website; I then googled for "SCAM CHINA DHL" and found out that more than 200 people had received this call as well, where DHL China tells them that their phone number is associated with a rogue parcel containing 8 counterfeit passports. I then knew for sure that it was a scam, and I will not be taking the call on Monday. Worried about the fact that they have my Chinese name and first name in English and also worried that others will face the same scam and give up personal information.

Don't be fooled into releasing info over the phone!