I lost $500 to a loan scam

Anonymous | 17 Oct 2021

Loan Scam
I received a normal message about a loan offer.  I pressed and it opened a Whatsapp chat. In order to apply for the loan, I submitted my nric photo, Cpf statement and bank account details .

Shortly, they said it was approve. I chose the 3k loan, which monthly repayment was $268. He videocall-ed me to verify my identity with the ic that I submitted.

But i didnt see his face it was all black. Then he called me to explain that he would transfer me $300 first to my account. I have to transfer him $500 to clear and will receive the loan afterwards. I told him i couldn't find $500 in such a short period of time.

He asked me to transfer $200 to defer 1 week. So the next week, I had the $500 already to clear. I transferred him but he said cannot ibanking transfer have to cash deposit to the account. He told me to find another $500 to cash deposit. I said i couldn't as i have no more money left. I ask him to transfer me back the money so i could do cash deposit instead but he say could not. So he transfer me $300 back. And told me to find another $200 in 1week to make it $500 so i could clear and receive the loan. After 1 week i told him i have the $500 already and ready to cash deposit to his account. Suddenly he call me and say that today cannot do LOAN as something wrong with their bank account. He said transfer $200 to defer the loan and clear $500 nextweek. I said its ur faulty because your bank account got problem and not mine so why must i i transfer you back $200 to defer the loan when its ur account got problem. I said i do not want to continue and want to cancel the loan. He said could not as its been approved. To cancel, I must transfer him $500 and he will return me $300. From there i ignore his calls and text message. He said if i did not clear the payment it will become a issue and debt collector SERVICE will come to my address. I ignore and block his account. I regret the decision i make and my friends told me tht i was scam. Pls be careful.

Editor's Note: Licensed moneylenders are NOT allowed to advertise their services via SMS, messaging apps, online or social media. Also, they are not allowed to approve loans remotely but only at the registered office location.