Always verify if a job is legitimate before taking it up!

Anonymous | 17 Oct 2021

Job Scam
Job was promoted to be an e-commerce partner to boost sales. I got added into a group with 26 others. in the group, the others shared on how much they have earned to prove their success.

the job:
1. take a screenshot of product being added into cart and send it to staff.
2. when staff says item is correct, transfer the price of product into a bank acc or via paynow provided
3. once successful, amount transfer will be refunded + 10% commission

I carried out 2 jobs and was successful. in the third job, the following happened:
note: i informed staff i can only use $500.

1. took a screenshot of having added 1 item (worth $500). and was approved so i trf $500.
2. staff said job 3 has 2 task and confirmed with me that i had to add 2 of the item, then trf the remaining $500. after which, the job is complete and i will receive my refund (aka 1 item = 1 task).
3. after transferring the 2nd $500, staff said the amounts transferred was considered as 1 task. the 2nd task is another $2000 worth of product. my money transferred will only be refunded after the 2nd task. (i didnt trf that amount)
4. another point to note is, instruction for job 2 and 3 is the same (said to contain 2 task). i only made a transfer for 1 item in job 2 but it was approved.
5. constant gaslighting from the staff.

Despite informing I had $500 to spare and agreeing to give a job with low amount, they kept dragging it and it ended up having to be a total transfer of $3000. I realised that it was a mistake to respond to the ad in the first place, so don't be like me!