I lost around $2k to a phishing scam after entering details on a fake DBS website

Anonymous | 17 Oct 2022

Online Purchase Scam
I was been scammed yesterday 16 Oct 2022. I posted in Carousel to sell my escooter and sell off below market value. The money is not for personnel benefit but to donate the money to Charity which i have doing it every week without fail. (Giving Asia)
I posted e scooter there is a person interested for the escooter, and commented he/she had transfer the money to "Carospay" and i need to register to get the money. 140 SGD
As I just return from Singapore last year, this was new to me, hence I proceeded to register with my bank user ID, password, OTP. However i found the website is fishy and it not DBS link, therefore i immediately call the bank to block it at 10 AM

Bank inform me everything is still safe and requested me to re-register again, hence i believe everything is over. but to my horror at 15:24 i saw there is a transfer of 2000SGD to a person HENRY WONG JIAN LING (Mobile ending 3507) i call the bank again to block everything and make a police report immediately at 7pm