Not all online friends are genuine. Stay alert!

Anonymous | 17 Sep 2022

Internet Love Scam

I first met this guy on CMB before moving on to text on telegram. I believed that he had a script well planned all along as everything was going smooth until he kept requesting for a voice call with me. Started talking about an ex-girlfriend of 4 years who left him because he was too busy with work. He kept sweet talking to me daily for a week then on and kept finding excuses to push back meetups (eg. Have other plans with friends, company is sending him overseas for a project which well last for 2-3weeks).

He claimed to be working in a big gaming company in Singapore and seemed very knowledgeable about what the company does. The red flag came about when he called me to help him with talking a few pics of a HDB project he has been investing in. Told him to ask his close friends but he said that he trusted me. I then find it weird and cut him off after.

Now that i look back, it seemed that all the images he had exchanged with me were either cropped photos or of low quality. No money was lost but i just want it to serve as a reminder for everyone who is using dating apps and beware of such catfishing and love scams. Stay alert at all times!