Don't be fooled by people you met online

Anonymous | 17 Sep 2023

Internet Love Scam

On September 15, 2023, I encountered a person named Jeremy, who claimed to be from Hong Kong and working for a Japanese trading company on a business trip to Singapore. He initially messaged me, asking to meet for a translation job, but later admitted he had the wrong number and apologized.

Our conversation evolved into casual chit-chat about life, and he expressed a desire to be friends. We discussed hobbies, but he repeatedly inquired about my relationship status. He eventually shared photos that I later discovered were images of other people, after discussing the situation with friends.

I realized it was a scam on the third day of messaging. Fortunately, I didn't lose any money; I only shared a photo set to disappear after being opened. During our conversation, Jeremy even shared a fake address in Japan as his location and claimed to have made questionable large donations.

I'm sharing this story to raise awareness and prevent similar cases from happening to others.