My bank account got frozen when I took a job that required me to transfer money to other bank accounts

Anonymous | 18 Apr 2021

Money Mule Scam Job Scam
First connect them through fb (her name is Janet yeoh), who claimed that her company needed an account admin. They asked me to provide my bank account details  in order to credit my salary to me. 

Next, I felt something WRONG as a huge sum of money has been credited into my bank account. They asked me just check the amount and send back to company acc. After 5 DAYS my bank account got frozen and I was being suspected to be involved in some scams! I was so SCARED! the scammer said if needed to settle this case, they have professional officers who can do it under TABLE and dismissed all the charges, the cost is 10K.... And I truly believed them, after that I cash deposit for them, they said needed another $5K. This time, I truly realized that it's a scam. I did some research online and found out similar cases. I felt silly to share my bank account details with them without checking. 

I HOPE every person please aware this kind of job scam and please remember don't provide your bank account number to anyone and if you have received money in your bank account, report the matter to the bank and police immediately. Do NOT touch the money