Another DHL Impersonation scam case

Anonymous | 18 Aug 2019

Loan Scam
Received an automated voice message informing me that I have a parcel didn’t manage to send out. If want to connect to customer service press 1 etc.

Then it transferred me to a guy named, chen kai saying that my parcel to a guy named Wang Wen at China has been confiscated because it contains illegal items.They asked me if the items are mine otherwise please report to the police to exclude myself from the case. Hence, the DHL PERSONNEL transferred me Singapore police who mentioned that my case is to be reported to the china branch police station in order to close the file etc. then i was greeted by this man call “offIcer wang Zhi Gang” from Pudong Branch, shanghai municipal public security bureau. they said they will help me to check on the package and write a statement to Singapore police that i am not the one who sent the parcel.

After that i I’ve been accused of using a bAnk account under “china constructEd bank” to do money laundering with this malaysia ministry or something named 逊致才。The 逊致才has been caught by them And he Said this guy said i have been given a Amount of money to sell my Personal information to them. Also The whole process of information taking is done through video call Like how Police officer interroGaTing the Suspects, i have to be in a secluded Room and i shouldn't inform any of the family members. In the end i did not lost any money, just most of my personal information has been given. Feel so dumb for trusting them but they are so real. Please beware

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